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Generate energy with solar power just where it is needed. In the mountains, off-the-road holiday resorts, on boats and in caravans; but also in villages and areas that do not have access to the public grid or suffer from regular power outages.
Compared to conventional diesel generators, solar systems provide low-noise power, low-maintenance operation and no fuel consumption at all – clear advantages of a renewable power supply.
A hybrid system consisting of a combination of solar and wind generators with a diesel engine can serve as useful solution to provide a sustainable and stable power supply.

Increase self-consumption

Nowadays, energy storage in combination with grid-connected PV systems becomes more attractive and economically feasible. Especially increasing self-consumption and back-up functions for important loads are main drivers for the installation of a PV storage system. Intelligent energy management and the integration of heat pumps or heating elements are further possibilities to increase self-consumption and benefits for the users.


Westech off-grid solutions

Reliable, environmentally friendly, independent and long lasting are key elements of WESTECH PV off-Grid systems.

WESTECH offers all necessary components for off-grid systems. Our portfolio includes high-efficient PV modules, powerful storage systems, innovative charge controllers as well as many other relevant electronic components. In addition to inverters for AC loads, we also offer special devices for off-drid applications, such as coolers, fridges or LED lights.

The selection of the components follows high quality standards. Our modules are tested by TUV and equipped with all necessary certificates.
The various customer-specific systems require individual concepts. Our specially developed modular design allows flexible system setup in different sizes. The solutions provided by WESTECH-SOLAR are suitable for small systems with 40 watts up to larger system with 12 kW.


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