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Increasing energy costs, new regulations and a higher sensitivity for environmental care of the consumers lead to a rising interest for an effective use of solar heating systems in buildings. Especially in new constructions but also in retrofitting projects of existing installations, the integration of solar heating solutions in various heating concepts is easily possible. WESTECH provides all components of solar thermal systems from one source and guarantees full functionality.

We offer single components as well as complete packages, containing all necessary parts for a solar heating system. Different collector sizes allow easy adaptation of systems to customer-specific roofs and requirements to provide an individually perfect solution for your customers.

Your benefits

  • tested and certified quality of all components
  • only high-quality, durable and hygienically perfect materials are used
  • delivery of all necessary components from a single source
  • modular design of the components to allow high flexibility for system solutions
  • easy integration of the systems into existing installations or installations with conventional technology
  • simple, time- and cost-saving installation due to optimized components

Our offering

The solar collector is an essential component of a solar heating system and therefore solar collectors are a key product in our portfolio. The high performance vacuum tubes of WESTECH-SOLAR are equipped with state of the art heat pipe technology and conform to the highest standards of the industry.

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The collectors are awarded with the renowned Solar Keymark certification, the “Blue Angel” label and are listed in the BAFA-list, thus fully applicable for funding. Due to optimized dimensions and detachable parts, roof mounting is easily possible and allows time and cost saving installation processes.

Of course, we also offer all other necessary components from a single source. Storage systems, mounting systems, solar/pump stations, pipes, solar liquids, connections and accessories are available in large varieties, highest quality and at competitive prices. We carefully select our suppliers with regard to brand recognition and market relevance to ensure long lifetime of the solar components.

But what does solar heat actually stand for? How can we really use the heat from the sun?

The sun delivers unlimited amounts of energy to our planet and human mankind managed to find ways to use this solar energy.
One example is solar heat technology. With simple and clever technology it is possible to "collect" solar heat and convert it to usable heat - in different variations.
Especially the fact that dark or black surfaces heat up a lot more than brighter surfaces when exposed to sunlight is very helpful.

This is where solar collectors are used in particular. Located "close" to the sun, e.g. on the roof of a building, they heat up due to the dark surface as soon as the sun is shining. There are two types of solar collectors. Flat collectors and vacuum-tube collectors. These two types differ in their construction and operation mode but the general principle is the same.

The sunrays hit a dark, lightproof and isolated surface and a heat conducting medium (copper heatpipe) transfers the heat to the collector. Inside the collector, a special solar liquid flows in a closed system and heats up with the heat coming from the sun.
The closed pipe system leads the now hot liquid towards the heating system where it is stored in a buffer tank. Depending on the design of the system it is then used for hot water or to support the heating system.

Vergleich Röhrenkollektor mit Flachkollektor

The following movie, provided by the Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft, shows the principle of the system in its simplicity (German version).


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